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CA Rider Jack Hunt scored some sweet Thurso waves recently. Here’s a few words and shots from his trip.

” Thurso is in the far north east of the UK and over 700 miles away from where I live. Scotland has some world class sailing and the spur at Thurso is no exception. I check the forecast most days but it needs to be solid to warrant the drive, plus it helps to be in the 3 warmer seasons of the year. The place has a lot of history and beautiful surroundings. “

” From these shots you can see how close to the reef you sail. This is really the key to this spot as outside the impact zone the sea swells are savage and all over the place. Every now and then a massive wedge of water decides to push up the reef. This is where the transformation happens. “

” The reef quickly cleans up and sculpture’s long sections of race track smooth wave. It then peels down the reef and pushes out in to a lovely smooth channel. It’s the kind of wave that just begged a fast single concave board, which is exactly what I gave it. ”

All Photos thanks to: John Carter

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