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Waveboard User Reviews

See what other riders think about their CA Boards

Wave SC 68

Ridden by: Seth Levy

This board is great for really digging in and railing it thru the turns. Tight turning radius.
It has a fast rocker and is very stable and forgiving due to volume flow and forward width. Recommend ordering close to your weight in volume.

Wave THC 72

Ridden by: Ferran Crespo – Spain


Smoothest board I’ve sailed.

The board is pretty short, which let her fit in every pocket, really easy to drive through top to bottom turns. Not quite sure what it is, but it feels better when drawing tight arcs rather than wide open turns. So super playful.

It’s got a fairly wide tail, making the release is heaps easier, super fast, and yet the boards feels under control at all times.

It’s stable, comfortable, easy and FUN!

Wave DC

Ridden by: Petter Sevenius – Sweden


The DC is new in my quiver, compared to the Thruster the DC is definitely faster, gets going much earlier and have improved control. On the wave it is really easy to get going, the board generates speed and power even on smaller and softer waves. This is the perfect board for the light days. Sub planing out and riding the waves in has added lots of days on the water when I previously would have stayed home! So much fun!

Even if I mainly use it for lighter days it is no problem to take it out in bigger and windier conditions, really smooth when it starts to get rough and choppy so no need to change if the conditions pick up. The only downside so far is a bit wider bottom turns but with a different fin setup you can make it turnier.


The THC My favorite wave board! Lots of fun in all kind of waves from small mushy white water to running fast down the line. Wave riding is definitely prioritized before speed and early planing but control and easy handling have really been improved over the years. Not the best for flat water blasting but once on a wave the THC does it all, so much fun!

The THC is really fast rail to rail, easy to adjust your position on the wave and it’s SO turny! You can pull of some really tight bottom turns and snappy top turns. Just love it!

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THC 80 Review

Ridden by: Chris LaFranchie – NZ

Best board I have ridden.

The true test of a board is how comfortable you feel from day 1.

The first day I used it was in mast high Pungarahu. First wave first turn and the board felt so in control I was happy to fully attack the wave. Really stoked with how the board has performed in all conditions I have used it in.

I really like how safe and smooth the board feel in the bottom turn but also having the ability to do controlled release off the top.

This board feels smoother and faster than my old boards without losing any turning ability.

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Wave THC 87

Ridden by: Mike LaFranchie – NZ

The thing that impressed me the most is that this board didn’t need need dialing in.
From the very first session I had on it to now almost 2 years later, all I’ve ever needed to do is look at the section of wave I want to hit, the board gets me there.
I’ve been sailing a long time and with a little practice can get any board to work alright for me, but the THC worked right first time, with no adjustments to my style required.
It has a super easy cut back, of course its easy to redirect on a steep section or off a breaking lip, where some boards struggle is that roundhouse style cut back on a flatter section of the wave. This board rips out that turn with ease. Can cut back 270 degrees and get the fins sliding backwards if that’s what’s desired.
The bottom turn is not really like turning on train tracks, but it’s forgiving of lack of commitment. For me I just push as hard as I can to turn as tight as I can, the harder I push the better it goes. It still turns with a little back foot toe tickle,  but it really wants to be pushed hard. That push is rewarded with speed into the lip. It’s easy to alter the bottom turn arc, a little tighter or looser if the section does not pop up quite a quickly as I was anticipating.
I’ve ridden this in cross-off mainly with a little cross shore thrown in. Waves ridden include mast and a half Gnaraloo,  right down to waist high slow peeling waves at Waitara.. It works in them all. The only time I have ever found a fault with this board, was a very rare double mast high day at Pungarehu. Super long period swell meant these waves were moving so fast, I felt like I could have done with a more gunny shape to soak up the the speed. Saying that though, these days only happen once every few years, and I am more than happy with the shape in head high through to mast and a half.
I haven’t jumped it too much, it gets me up there floating through the odd backie. Jumping is not really my forte.
This is the best single wave board I have owned. I currently have 4 boards in the garage, from 67L up to 87L. I choose to use the THC 87 exclusively. I use the THC 87 from 3.7m sails up to 5.0m sails. I find it best with the 5.0 (I only weigh 70 kg) however still choose the THC 87 when its 3.7 weather over my 67L, 72L or 82L boards. I’m getting old and lazy and want the extra float it gives me. It’s such a good shape even with so much volume for the conditions it still works well.


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