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Design + Features

With the highest strength-to-weight ratio on the market, customized build options and years of proven research, design and testing in carbon composite construction, we take your windsurfing performance to the highest level.

All Carbon Art boards are designed with one goal in mind. The pursuit of windsurfing excellence, making you the best board possible. A hand crafted, precision built board, that’s stronger, lighter, faster and performs beyond the pack.

Harmonious Design

harmonious board design cad diagram

All Carbon Art boards are designed using harmonious design principles. Our bespoke CAD board design system has been developed to create boards with perfectly matched details. The outline, rocker, bottom shape and rails are all designed to work together, resulting in cleaner curves and a fully integrated board design.

The result is a ride that delivers flow during maneuvers, smooth raw power and total control at speed.

Strength Inspires Confidence


Only the very best high end materials and components are used on our boards and the exact composite layup is specifically tailored to each board. The composite patterns are individually designed which enables us to fine tune board response and flex, while also reinforcing high impact areas without adding weight or weak points.

Carbon Art boards internal shapes are also developed with a full 6mm lap joint between the bottom sandwich and the deck sandwich, for the highest level of overall strength and snap resistance.

Our process delivers an exceptional ride, one that inspires confidence in your equipment and continues to provide top level performance, far beyond the usual life expectancy of a board.


carbon board construction details

Light on your feet


windsurf board weight diagram

Carbon Art boards weighs less than 6.3kg on average. Our in house high pressure laminating system creates a board with the highest cloth to resin ratio possible (55:45), resulting in minimum resin weight with maximum matrix strength.

On average this means our boards are over 300g lighter than comparable boards on the market today.

Reduced weight  means you’ll plane earlier, have more control at speed, float bigger airs, and have the biggest smile on your face session after session.


Performance testing is a critical and extensive part of the design process. Our local wind and waves in Taranaki, New Zealand, create some of the best testing conditions for windsurfing anywhere in the world. And with frequent testing missions to places like Maui, Europe and Western Australia we are always seeking to put our boards in the most challenging conditions around.

The Carbon Art Riders play an important role in our structured on-water testing programme, with feedback going straight from Riders to designers. The next step is incorporating tweaks, followed by further tests of the results throughout the refinement process.

What we’re searching for is a perfectly balanced shape that yields extraordinary results: even 0.1mm makes a difference at this level.


Additional Design Features

carbon fiber composite cloth being cut

Self Breathing Vent.

Our boards come standard with Gore-Tex self breathing vent plug technology. Completely touch free usage means you’ll never forget to take your vent plug out – or put it back in!

Cutting edge materials.

All materials are not created equal, it’s important to us to use only in house developed components or high quality product sourced directly from recognised and reliable manufacturers.

  • Carbon fibers we use are varied, and matched to particular designs and areas of the board.
  • Innegra fibers used are a recyclable plastic weave, that provides outstanding weight performance and impact resistance.
  • Fibreglass we use is S-Glass – which has the highest tensile strength of all fibreglass types.



gore tex windsurfing vent plug

Premium Finish.

Putting the perfect finish on a board takes extra time, but it’s one our boards deserve.

Tech construction boards are wetsanded down to 400 grit and Pro models down to an astonishing 3000 – and due to our precision construction – there’s no sand throughs from imperfections below.

Pro Model construction is further enhanced with a polished Teflon clear coat formula for increased dirt rejection and heightened performance. A clean surface is a fast surface!

Comfortably Controlled.

Our waveboards come standard with dual density pads for the ultimate in comfort and grip. Beneath the pads our rubber heel Landing Zones provide bone protecting touchdowns that let you jump higher and harder. A built in tail kicker finishes off the control center for supremely tweaked moves.

Slalom & Speed boards footpads are mid density single layer for maximum direct input. Essential top end control for when you’re running on the edge.

To top off all our boards, slide your feet into our Rider favourite premium footstraps.

windsurf board footpads and footstraps photo
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