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Made in New Zealand


Carbon Art Slalom

Precision Handling — Ultimate Performance

Performance You Live


Hand Crafted Windsurfing Boards


Hand Built to Your Order

Every board we build is created to order. We don’t build stock boards- we build windsurfing boards that are going to be used, abused, enjoyed and loved.

Authentic Performance

We don’t do marketing gimmicks, we spend our time developing & delivering beautifully crafted windsurfing boards. We wouldn’t settle for less.

Premium Construction

We only use the best materials – cutting corners is not an option. Every board has it’s own unique composite lay up, specifically designed to match it’s shape.

Windsurfing - We Live It!

We don’t just build windsurf boards – we live windsurfing. When we’re not in the factory, we’re in the sea, testing, developing and loving one of the most amazing sports in the world.

Delivered Direct

Carbon Art Windsurf boards are ordered online, direct from the CA Factory. Once your board completes it’s intensive build process, it can be delivered direct to your door, picked up from the factory, or sent with a friends to share shipping. Talk to us about the options & get your CA ordered today

Customise your Ride

Choose your look and customise your ride with a range of graphics + colour options. And our construction options allow you to tailor your board to your budget and performance demands.
Carbon Art SL’s are fast, comfortable, easy to gybe, & have great build quality. The trim of the board really inspires confidence, even over chop, & allows you to stay on the gas. They look great too! In short, I love them.
John Hegarty


I am speechless. Fast, fast and fast. Very early planing, gybes like a dream, over the chops these boards are rock solid… Overall, if you are looking for superior good quality, fast and comfortable boards, go for Carbon Art.
Dani Sfeir


I’m really impressed with the way the board jumps onto the plane, and stays there through the lulls. The quality of the build is outstanding, rigid, yet the lightest board I’ve ever owned. Definitely room in my quiver for the full set. Brilliant.
Paul Williams


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