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AHU Wave

“ [Ah-hoo] (verb) to move in a certain direction, point in a certain direction, face towards, extend.  ”

The new small wave slayer.

The Ahu is the ultimate allround wave board and guaranteed to turn less than perfect conditions into epicenes, dominant in onshore to side, wind generated waves to groundswell. .

  • Heavy Wave Performance 75% 75%
  • Soft Wave Performance 100% 100%
  • Cross Off Wind 70% 70%
  • Onshore WInd 100% 100%
  • Planing Performance 95% 95%
  • Speed & Jumping 100% 100%
ahu windsurf waveboard model logo
thruster waveboard fin set up
The Ahu waveboard features a faster rocker line than the Kina, and combines with a double concave vee, delivering acceleration and speed on tap, which when matched to its compact progressive outline combined with a winger/swallow tail shape gives the best combo of a wide mid body and a narrow tail allowing you to really crank turns and generate power that you wouldn’t have known to be available beforehand, Designed, tested and refined to excel in the wides range of conditions
photo of ahu waveboard rocker line and fins
The rider area provides a stable, highly maneuverable control center, with a modern widened comfortable stance, raising your completion rate on critical moves and jumps.

You can’t change the conditions, but you can match your board to maximise your fun and performance!

The AHU – Sheer satisfaction in smaller waves, with smooth and radical performance.

/ AHU Wave Board Specifications

AHU ModelVolume (ltrs)Width (cm)Length (cm)Weight (kg)
Tech | Pro HD | Pro eLITE
Fin (cm)
Main | Thrusters
Sail Range
(70-90kg sailor)
AHU Wave 8383562226 | 5.6 | 5.216.5 | 11.5 3.5 - 5.0
AHU Wave 878757.52246.1 | 5.7 | 5.317.5 | 11.5 4.0 - 5.3
AHU Wave 929258.52256.2 | 5.8 | 5.417.5 | 11.5 4.0 - 6.2
AHU Wave 989859.52266.6 | 6 | 5.618.5 | 11.54.0 - 6.5
AHU Wave 103103612286.9 | 6.3 | 6.618.5 | 12.54.5 - 6.5

The AHU Wave

Pump up the FUN
Design Features


Hand built in New Zealand with specialized reinforcement patterns and Rubber Heel Landing Zones so your board survives the session. You’ll feel confident to stomp even the biggest of moves.


Our KINA & AHU waveboards come fitted with our inhouse built slot boxes. Featuring an 8 mm stainless steel grub screw screwing into G10 for longevity. It’s a super flexible fin set up that suits all styles of rider.
gore tex self breathing windsurf board vent plug

Hassle Free

Standard on all our boards, the self-breathing Gore-Tex vent plug means you’ll never forget to remove or replace your vent plug ever again.

Touch free, no hassle, always ready to sail.


Each boards rocker is individually tuned to it’s shape.

For harmonious smooth performance that delivers results every ride.


Dual density footpads with built in tail kicker for maximum grip up top, and maximum plushness below with a soft cushioning layer.

Topped off with rider favourite premium straps for comfort during even the longest sessions.

The Ahu draws on the modern fish surfboard designs, fast snappy and radical in those smaller softer waves.

James Dinnis

AHU Wave Board Designer

CA thruster fins on a board

Black Project Mini Epic Fins

Black Project fins supplied as standard with your board. The ultimate power couple of Carbon Art boards and Black Project fins.

  • Extreme speed & manoeuvrability for aggressive riding
  • Increased rake with progressive swept tip for increased control, tracking and manoeuvrability
  • Increased tip twist for added control at high speeds and tight turns
  • Advanced wave foil technology

The awesome adjustability of the thruster fin set up allows you to dial in the looseness, release and to suit your windsurfing wave style. With our in-house built carbon slotbox’s, this makes for a seriously strong and user friendly set up.

Fins supplied at our suggested sizes – for larger or smaller riders we can adjust the supplied sizing and also supply additional sizes to increase your board range, just ask!

 / Board Design Options



Tech Construction
Affordable quality construction, that’s built tough. Eps core vacuum wrapped in 100 kg pvc shell and laminated with a epoxy resin and s glass with carbon reinforcing. Super dependable performance in all locations.
Pro HD Construction
The Pro edition construction, super strong and light. Eps core vacuum wrapped in 100 kg pvc shell then laminated with epoxy resin s glass, double bias carbon and Innegra. The next level in board control and feel, combined with unsurpassed durability.
Pro eLITE Construction
Hyper light pro construction for elite performance. Eps core vacuum wrapped in 80 kg pvc shell then laminated with double bias carbon providing a super heightened responsive ride and unreal flight time. The next level in performance wavesailing!

AHU Wave Board Price

All constructions supplied with premium footstraps, CA-T Series fins + your choice of CA Wave graphic.

Price shown in New Zealand Dollars.

$3250 Tech construction

Affordable high quality construction, built tough.

$3450 Pro HD construction

Pro edition construction, super strong and light.

$3750 Pro eLITE construction

Hyper light pro construction for elite performance.

Freight Pricing

Example Freight for 1 board    For exact freight pricing please enquire with order form and we'll work out the best option. Discounts apply for multiple orders. Europe $475 | USA $475
Asia $475      | Aus  $275
NZ $Free

When is Payment made?
A minimum deposit of 50% is required to place your board order into production. The remainder to be paid before delivery.

What is the time frame for manufacturing?
Please allow 4-6 weeks for production of your board.

For more details on ordering your Carbon Art board visit our FAQ Page.

/ Your Board Enquiry

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