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Where in the world are you and what is happening in the UK?

We have been trying to make head roads into the UK, with our most recent being wave sailor Jack Hunt stepping up to be a CA Team rider, having been a CA Rider for many years. Welcome on board Jack! We would like feedback or comments on what UK riders need as an incentive to consider buying or trying a CA board?

Travel news: James Dinnis with a selection of CA Boards will be in the UK in May 2010, just after the Defi in France – interested in getting a board, but want to test one first, this is a great opportunity to book a demo. (We might even build a board for your request, and if you like it, you can buy it at the demo).

Hidden away in our site there is a really cool ‘Request a Demo’ page, find it here. Feel free to request a demo, and if we have a local rider who has the right gear for you to try we will do our best to hook it up right away – and in the case that you are located miles away from a CA Rider, we will keep your details until we have found a way to get a board to you for a demo, or alternatively we suggest that you take us up on our ‘Buy it, Try it, Keep it or … Return it & Get your money back! Guaranteed‘ offer. It works very well.

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