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James reports…

6 Races today, six 1st places in the mens open, CA is currently sitting in 1st and 2nd with a young guy Bryan Metcalf-Perez having mainly seconds!! Really fun, but totally wound on my 5.9 and SL55 – its so much fun, Anton also on CA and at his 2nd only ever national events is sitting in 9th and buzzing.

Anton Blijlevens reports…

3 races down. Now blowing a solid 40 kts here in the gorge and filled in across the course. I’m on a 5.8. And carbon art 62 and 38 C3 fin. Bit big for the conditions. James on the 5.9 and 55 carbon art running a 34 C3. James has had 3 out of three wins now and sitting well in the lead. Its 3pm and round 4 has just got underway with the womens and junior divisions. Then the grand masters and the us in the mens open. Course has an lazy upwind leg in it so there are 3 tacks to put in during the two lap course. A bit different but heaps of fun. Sounds like we may get a total of seven rounds in today. Will be hard work.

24 July 2009 : Anton Blijlevens reports…

Unofficial word is that James may have crossed the finish in first in that second heat. By drifting across.

24 July 2009 : Anton Blijlevens reports …

We’re slalom racing today. Its blowing dogs off chains. James got a first in the first heat. Ahead by a long way. Second heat, not so good. Sitting first but fell at the finish.

Looks like it will continue to blow hard for the rest of the day. An easy 30 knots gusting 40.
We have 29 people in the mens open fleet. All racing in one heat. Makes for a lot of chaos at the first mark.

James reports ….
Arrived in the Gorge 2 days ago, having never been here before I was dumb struck with the beauty of the place and the friendly locals, we had 2 days sailing before the racing started which was great but still suffering from 10 days sailing on Maui.

The locals gave us the impression that it would be Formula racing the first day, so we thought day 1 at the US nationals was going to be a rest day. This was hardly the case, we were greeted with a solid 25kts gusting 35kts,the course was set for slalom with 4 off the wind legs and a close haul to the top mark, two laps required, similar to the course racing of days gone bye but less upwind, I chose the Sl55 and TR5 5.9, what great combo, had board speed to burn and as long as my strenth could hold up the gybes went well, all in all a great days racing with 6 1st places from 6 races, hopefully tomorrow will bring more of the same.

They have a total of 55 people registerd for Slalom here, and all seem to be having a great time, glad we made the effort


The 2009 US Windsurfing National Championships & Techno 293 National Championship will be held from July 23, 2009 – July 26, 2009 at the Hood River Event Site in Hood River, OR, USA.

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