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When is a new release not a full new release, but still great news for you? This year we’ve made the purposeful decision to maintain the current SL design for the coming season*. Unusual yes, but from the amazing feedback we’ve been getting and the race winning results (see below!), we’re fired up by the outstanding performance the current slalom range has been delivering.

Rather than putting out an unnecessary updated range, we’d much rather dedicate additional time into the next release for a superior product, which is after all, what Carbon Art is all about! Good news if you’ve recently updated your CA board, this means you’ll have another year riding the best before it’s time for an upgrade.

“Carbon Art SL’s are fast, comfortable, easy to gybe, and have great build quality. The trim of the board really inspires confidence, even over chop, and allows you to stay on the gas. They also look great too! In short, I love them.” John Hegarty, Ireland

“I bought my first Carbon Art board (ca sl 66) a few months ago on some very good advice from a friend. I’m really impressed with the way the board jumps onto the plane, and stays there through the lulls. The quality of the build is outstanding, rigid, yet the lightest board I’ve ever owned. Definitely room in my quiver for the full set. Brilliant.” Paul Williams, Australia

The CA Slalom Current Range Features

If you haven’t checked out the most recent SL update lately, here’s a little reminder of what makes them the ideal choice when you want to beat the pack:

  • Performance Tuned Rocker and Bottom Shape: for incredible acceleration, super smooth gybing, glide through the lulls and maximum trim control at speed.
  • Refined Rail Profiles: for super smooth gybing and maximum control at speed.
  • The highest standards in construction with close attention to material quality and production consistency.
  • Adjusted Stance: for increased ride comfort and control at high speed.
  • Above Industry Standard Precision: for extremely accurate design throughout construction.
  • Reduced Tail Shape Cutouts: clean effective design without the fluff.
  • Construction Options: Get the best, or better than the best, for weight savings and an enhanced finish.
  • Designed with Phil McGain and tested in real world conditions.
  • Customise Your Ride: Choose your board colour and finishing options.
  • Made in New Zealand: for hand crafted excellence.

“I am speechless. Fast, fast and fast. Very early planing, gybes like a dream, over the chops these boards are rock solid. I had a few guys try my boards and they were blown away. Even one guy asked me if I would trade my SL 66 for his wife…haha. Overall, if you are looking for superior good quality, fast and comfortable boards, go for Carbon Art.” Dani Sfeir, USA

Limited Edition

To commemorate this extended release period and to mark this stand out (soon to be classic) slalom board, we are proud to announce the release of a special Limited Edition Pro Model.**

This exclusive special edition comes in the ultimate racing classic styling of British Racing Green, a clear full carbon deck and a supremely fast polished mirror finish. To top it off for race ready perfection, each board will feature your uniquely selected race number (up to 2 digits) in the iconic racing white circle. Each race number will be completely unique with only one of each being made and may be chosen when ordered.

**Note these are strictly first come first served, so be quick to ensure you get your preffered race number! This Ltd Edt. slalom pro model will only be available until the 2016 release or 99 boards are gone.

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“…we’re really stoked with the 2014 shapes, but even more so with the huge positive feedback received. It’s great to know there are so many happy CA riders out there around the world!” James Dinnis, CA Designer/Shaper

*The Future!

Despite this non-update release, we have been, and still are, working hard on the 2016 SL update (some of you may have seen some sneak proto shots that Phil McGain has been working on over in Maui!). Our current testing track for the 2016 range is targeted for a September 2015 release date. So keep checking back and be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and testing shots!

“We have all enjoyed the 2014 season on the new boards especially on Maui and proof is always in the results on the race course, which we have plenty of. Now the season is over we are playing around with some new shapes for the future, but nothing is finalised yet. Over the Maui winter and spring we will be exploring some development trends in our designs and coming out with a new improved slalom board for 2016.” Phil McGain, Maui

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