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October 22-25, Taranaki New Zealand: Take part in NZ’s biggest windsurfing event and be in with the chance of scoring yourself a FREE Carbon Art Board!

All entries go in the draw to winning along with heaps of great prizes from all the sponsors.

The TWC 2010 combines everything great about wavesailing and adds a little sprinkle of magic to give you the best October long weekend you’ll ever experience. Classic waves, consistent wind and great camaraderie; combined with cold beers, cool prizes and a cranking BBQ…

This winter has been providing some consistent and quality wavesailing conditions along the stunning coastline. Pungarehu has regularly fired into life, including a weeks worth of south-east ‘trade winds’, combined with solid pulses of logo high swell, to keep local wavesailors very, very happy indeed. The locals are saying: “If this is winter, then how good is spring going to be…!”

If you’re a new or intermediate wavesailor you’ll find the TWC is an awesome way to get out into the surf with fellow sailors of all ages and experience; to learn something new and push your skill level up. For the more experienced sailors, you get to see what other wave gurus from around the country have been practicing in their own backyard and to pit yourself against the top guns.

You also get to check out the latest Carbon Art boards and 2011 gear from the wide range of TWC sponsors. The action will be awesome and this is your chance to step up in front of the crowds.

Check out http://www.taranakiwaveclassic.com to see some of previous years’ awesome action and get your registration in.

You can also follow the latest news on Twitter: twitter.com/NakiWaveClassic

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