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The Swedish Speed Championship tour is a fiercely competitive round of events that sees some of the toughest battles of speed sailing in the world.

This year Anders Björkqvist (SWE 877) fought his way to the well deserved #1 spot!

” Last time I was at the top of the podium at a major event in Sweden was in the eighties. (I have won in the raceboard class also but that doesnt count!) Arto Kantojärvi and Patrick Troell where beside me that day. I was 21 years old and my life was like an unwritten book. The victory was so sweet, I felt like all Gods in the universe where supporting me.

And today, over 25 years later I got a major victory again. And I must admit that this win was even sweeter. I started to race speed in 2007 and I have almost spent 350 days on the speed/slalomboards since then. A lot of hours and big efforts, tuning sails, developing boards, testing hundreds of fins…

The Swedish Speedwindsurfingtour is very competititive, maybe the second hardest in the world. On the podium this time where two good friends, Markus Emanuelsson and Daniel Borgelind, I have fought since 2007 with them. Occasionally I have won a some heats, but at the best I have been overall is 4:th a few times. Some other competitors today, Tobias Hed was also competing with me in the eighties and Erik Larsson in the nineties.

But it seemed like it was mission impossible to beat all Swedes. In fact after last year with all my injuries, I have almost given up. This year I decided to only sail for fun. No unnecessary risks. Just doing my best…

The first day in Klagshamn we raced in open water 20-30 knots of wind. I tried my Carbon Art SP63 and 8,6m2 sail. The big kit was not an ultimate combo on open water… I was everywhere but on the surface. The following heats I used a small slalomboard, CA SL55, and 7,8m2. So much easier to push 34,98 knots over 10 seconds. After 3 heats I was 5:th. The second day we sailed in flatter water but less wind and the big kit was working like a Swiss clock. We sailed 2 heats and when I came from the locker room I was surprised when Jesper was congratulating me. Maybe for a third place I thought, great, finally a podium position… But the results were really close, only a few points between us at top 4 to my favor.

2:nd, 5:th, 1:st, and 2:nd were enough for a victory. So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Thanks everyone, and special thanks to James Dinnis for my Carbon Art boards, Monty Spindler for the sails, Otmar Schleenvoigt for the fins, Daniel Borgelind for the sparring and my family for all support! ” Anders Björkqvist – http://www.andersbq.com

Anders finished 2012 winning every event in Sweden this year except for the first, where he broke 2 battens in his 7.8m2 during the event. A triumphant win against the previous reigning champions Markus & Marcus that have held off the competition for the last 6 years! Last years introduction of the SP63 also saw great success with final placings in the Swedish Championship of 1st, 3rd, 8th & 10th.

A huge congratulations to Anders on his fantastic win!

ps: Look for news on Carbon Art speed board updates coming in early January 2013…including an all new light wind speed machine (inspired by Anders & CA Riders like you!)

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