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This year sees the whole range being revised and refined for the ultimate in slalom performance. Speed, handling and weight all see improvements for possibly our most exciting slalom release yet.

The first stage of development of the 2014 slalom range saw the introduction of a bespoke software system, specifically created for designing our windsurf boards. (A special thanks to Tom Kluyskens for this new development). Our new design software provides us with a powerful set of tools, providing highly accurate design control with a far greater insight into performance developments even before we move to on water testing. This system goes right through the manufacturing process, further improving the unsurpassed quality CA is known for.

The end result provides you with a precision built, high performance racing machine.

2014 rail shapes have been reduced, especially from the middle and back of the board, resulting in better gybing, lateral stability and a more comfortable stance. With the reduced rail shape we have been able to reduce the tuck which has improved acceleration and overall speed.

Stance has been reduced with the front foot coming back to get a more even weighting underfoot, this has come about thanks to feedback from you the riders (much appreciated!) and subsequent testing. This combines with the new 2014 footpads which are optimized for the perfect balance between comfort, feel and control.

The most noticeable change is the introduction of subtle cutouts in the SL62 and larger. Previously we resisted the cutout trend as we were consistently making big gains without them. 2013 testing however found us hitting a wall with the medium and light wind models, hence the development of our Reduced Tail Shape (RTS) design.

The RTS concept is based on simple, clean, effective design principles and introduces a high wind tail shape from the One Foot Off (OFO) area onto the medium and light wind shapes. The removal of surface area outside of the new tail shape delivers a release point and reduces the wetted surface. Keeping the reduced area relatively shallow avoids introducing any negative effects that cutouts can cause, meaning your transition to the new RTS boards will be smooth, effortless and fast. Combined with the new RTS specific rocker and vee shape your top speed potential is wide open and larger boards feel alive and free in the lighter breezes.

The Carbon Art Slalom 2014 range is Available Now to Order.

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