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Carbon Art owners James Dinnis and Paul Winton, Vanessa and Bridget, are packed up and on their way to Europe equipped with a range of boards including; all the Slalom boards (SL52, SL55, SL58, SL62, SL70, SL80), a Speed 47, as well as information about the entire range including Surf and SUP.

First on the agenda is the Grussian and the Defi windsurf race – they will be in Grussian from the 17th to the 25th join them at their beach stand between the 21st and the 24th. The plan is to meet with Vincent Frey (CA Rider representing France), and Peter Weitenberg (KA Sails Europe) as well as visits from Magazine editors and various test crews that we have asked to join us. James has registered for the Defi race. We hope that anyone who is able to visit the event manage to demo the boards, and give them a warm welcome. Find out more about the Defi by visiting:

Next James and Vanessa are off to Morocco to check out the scene there, … then they will heading be London, catching up with family and meeting with Alex Bennett-Baggs to see how he’s getting on with his new Speed boards.

Stay tuned.

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