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It’s been a while and we know you’ve been asking, but they’re now ready for production release, and we can safely say It’s been worth the wait.

The exciting new 2015 CA Wave Boards are out and ready to rip!

The latest 2015/16 Carbon Art Wave release sees a complete update of all of our existing shapes, and the introduction of an all new small wave model, the Wave DC.

Our 4 specific wave board models cover everything you could launch into, rough onshore jumping, classic down the line and new school riding, in the pocket surfing and everything in between.

Over 20 years of design and testing notes have been under review for this super charged release! Utilising our shaping experience and wave knowledge, then listening to what you the rider wants and needs, we’re taking our new shapes and your sailing ability to a whole other level.

Also new for 2015 is the introduction of our CA-T fin series. We realise that many riders find it tricky to get the right fin set up, so we’ve developed our own line of specialised fins to match each board and rider. The CA-T thruster fins come supplied with your new board order (along with box fillers for single fin versatility), so you’re ready to rip as soon as it arrives.

All of the new 2015 wave shapes combine with Carbon Art’s legendary ‘handcrafted in New Zealand’ construction in 2 different selectable builds (Tech + Pro), along with customisable fresh new graphics, inspired by New Zealand, for a truly epic finish and the ultimate ride.

The Wave DC
Our brand new small wave ripper. Astonishing manoeuverability with magically hidden volume in it’s compact length, makes for one super charged exciting board.

The Wave SC
The ultimate down the line wave riding weapon. This is the board to ride when you want the highest level of waveriding performance.

The Wave THC
Maximise your time and fun in the waves. Ridden to victory at the Taranaki Wave Classic. Push your wavesailing to another level, with great wave riding potential on almost any day there’s wind and swell.

The Wave V
Our classic all rounder has been hyper modernised into this new edition.Super controllable, fast and carves on rails. Ridden to victory at the New Zealand Wavesailing Nationals.


Place your order for any of the new Carbon Art 2015 Wave range before the end of December and receive 20% off a Pro Construction upgrade.

Your board will be made in January for February delivery.

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