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The biggest and most competitive windsurfing event in Russia, the Doljansky Marafon takes place on the Azov Sea and features an extremely testing 12km race course. With 208 competitors, the sailors in this long distance downwind slalom event, take on the challenge of sailing around the three mark buoys.

he Doljansky Marafon is a serious test of board speed and control in even the most ideal conditions. If that wasn’t tough enough the event is a series of six consecutive races to really weed out the best of the bunch.

Ukrainian Olympic windsurfer Max Oberemko told us about his victory, “It was tough racing! The first two races the wind was offshore and around 10-14 knots so I used my CA Slalom 70 which was just great. The last four races though the wind increased up to 30 knots! For those races I was on my Carbon Art 62, wish I had brought something smaller but I held on anyway and was real happy to win the marathon race. I’ve used a lot of other boards before, but this year I felt so much faster and always in control on the Carbon Art boards.”

Congratulations Max, look forward to seeing you defend your title next year!

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