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Carbon Art - New Zealand

Carbon Art creates windsurfing boards that raise your performance
and maximise your sailing enjoyment

The company is built on our passion for windsurfing and the dedicated pursuit of the ultimate windsurf experience.

With over 20 years experience of windsurf board building and design knowledge, it comes as no surprise that our boards win races, claim international trophies and travel the world.

Our values

  • 100% construction fidelity: our in house manufacturing and hand finished detailing all within our New Zealand factory ensures our boards are extremely accurate, strong and deliver a sensational experience.
  • Commitment to excellence: strict use of the best high end composites and providing every last ounce of production performance within your board.
  • Working with the best: from materials to people, we design, build and test our boards with some of the world’s best sailors and craftsmen.
  • Committed to our future: continued development on greener windsurf board creation and a ‘built to order’ production for minimised environmental impact.

The New Zealand story

IMG_4274New Zealand is a nation descended from ocean explorers. The indigenous Maori people were great navigators of the sea and builders of waka, or canoes, later European immigrants sailed around the world to their new home. Today New Zealand is a world renowned centre of excellence for the maritime industry. An island nation, the ocean and sailing is fundamental to New Zealand’s culture. It’s a heritage Carbon Art is proud to honour and continue by designing and handbuilding all our boards in New Zealand. With our board factory being located close to multiple world class surf breaks and open water slalom locations, the local testing facilities are always in use.

Committed to our Future

Carbon Art is committed to producing boards as environmentally friendly a way as possible. We live, windsurf, surf and fish in close vicinity to our factory and care very much about what effect we have on our surroundings. Emissions are kept to a bare minimum and materials are sourced from reputable manufacturers with a focus on minimising their carbon footprint. (An example is our use of Innegra made from recycled PTT plastic as a replacement for Kevlar).

Packaging we create and receive is reused as much as possible, the rest recycled to further reduce waste. Due to our production model we only ever make what is needed and product is shipped direct to customer to reduce freight impact. We are continually looking at ways to improve our manufacturing, making it cleaner and reducing the footprint each board leaves behind.


How it all began

Carbon Art’s original beginnings grew in the mecca of windsurfing – the island of Maui. This was where James Dinnis (Carbon Art’s founder and designer) learnt the art of shaping boards. Find out more in the video below:

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