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The Slalom

Ultimate Race Performance.

The exciting slalom range introduces 8 new compact modern shapes for the 2016-2017 racing seasons, and is one of the most radical steps forward we’ve made since we joined forces with PMD (Phil McGain Designs) in 2005. Our goal was, and continues to be, to make the best possible slalom boards on the planet.

These new shapes are a direct result of 10 years of development, testing, refinement on the water and race performance data. Alongside this progressive evolution, we’ve been part of creating advanced CAD software that has allowed us to delve deeper into the technical world of hydrodynamics. This combination has driven the current designs forward, bringing you the ultimate high performance racing weapon. If you want to win, there’s no better choice.

So how do they perform and feel? Extremely quick off the mark and onto the plane, then settle in for a high speed, dry, secure ride. The only limit to top end is how hard you want to push it, and with the deceptive ease of handling, you’ll be confident to ride to your edge and beyond. Rounding the mark will surprise you, with effortless smooth gybing and full control throughout your turn. Perfect for passing the competition and gunning it to the finish line.

tammy bockius slalom windsurfing in maui

8 new compact high performance racing shapes 4 new rocker lines matched to board planform and intended sail sizes, faster acceleration, higher top end and improved control. Recessed deck profile lowers the Center Of Effort of the rig. Delivering exceptional control and moving the volume out towards the outer upper rail area, aiding early planing and provides a drier ride in rougher water. New refined Vee bottom shape resulting in super clean rail rocker, for unsurpassed release at the rail and further improves initiation into gybes.

The new ‘turbo tab’ on our proven RTS cutouts provide exceptional handling, not only at speed, but critically during gybes around the mark, enabling you to use the entire length of the planing straight down the center line. New footstrap stance and layout. For optimum control and comfort under pressure. New improved ergonomic rail shape. Providing extra drive under foot, better acceleration, speed and control. New slalom graphics inspired by the Maori Taiaha – A traditional New Zealand warrior weapon.

/ Slalom Board Specifications

Slalom ModelVolume (ltrs)Width (cm)Length (cm)Weight (kg)
Tech | Pro
OFORTSFin (cm)
Tuttle Box
Sail Range
(70-90kg sailor)
SL 7979542395.6 | 5.1340No30 - 324.5 - 6.0
SL 8383562395.9 | 5.3358No32 - 345.0 - 7.0
SL 8787592396.1 | 5.6378No34 - 365.5 - 7.5
SL 9393632396.4 | 5.9405Yes36 - 386.0 - 8.0
SL 103103682386.9 | 6.4 445Yes40 - 426.5 - 8.5
SL 112112742387.1 | 6.6490Yes42 - 467.0 - 9.0
SL 121121802377.5 | 6.9530Yes44 - 487.0 - 9.5
SL 128128852377.9 | 7.4570Yes487.0 - 10.0
recessed deck on a slalom windsurf board

Full Power

Recessed deck profile, delivers maximum rig power and unsurpassed control. Volume is moved out to the rail, promoting earlier planing and a controlled ride in even the roughest of conditions.
cutouts on a windsurf slalom board

RTS Design

Our Reduced Tail Shape provides maximum efficiency and increased top speed. The introduction of All New Turbo Tabs deliver exceptional handling at full throttle and super smooth gybes. Pure Performance Design.
hand crafting a windsurf board

Hidden Performance

Hand Crafted excellence. Made in New Zealand. The inside of your board is where the carbon composite magic happens. Fine tuned performance from the inner core to the finish line.
gore tex vent plug on the tail of a windsurf board

Touch Free

Our Gore-Tex vent plug on the boards tail is self breathing. You’ll never forget to remove or replace your vent plug. Touch free, no hassle, just focus on your sailing.
slalom board footstrap setup

Incredible Control

New enhanced footstrap stance and layout for optimum handling and comfort under pressure. Combined with an improved ergonomic rail shape, for extra drive, better acceleration and control at speed.

Having developed, built and tested boards for over 20 years it’s always great to get to the final stages with a new shape and feel the improvements. But this year’s new slalom range has surpassed all my expectations, I’m more stoked than I ever have been and I know you will be too.

James Dinnis

By far the best slalom boards to date. I always have a vision and feeling on how boards should feel and perform and the 2016 range delivers completely. First of all they look awesome, and once you leave the beach and get onto a plane, you immediately feel the smooth ride and acceleration, which is important for starting in a slalom race. The smooth feel then translates into a very easy and forgiving jibe, with steady precision and a clean line. Top class boards with all the right functions.

Phil McGain

 / Board Design Options


*colours & graphics may appear different on screen


Tech Construction
Tech Construction is our highly tested and proven gold standard. A select density eps core is high pressure vacuum wrapped in a PVC shell in temperature controlled conditions for superior strength and bond. This is then vacuum laminated top and bottom with a combination of leading edge composite materials – S Glass, Carbon Fibre and select epoxy resins. The end result is an ultimate combination of high quality materials and price to performance balance.
Pro Construction
Pro-or-Standard-Model-Choose-your-colour Better than the best. With Pro Construction you’ll get the same base construction, but vacuum laminated with even more advanced fibre composites – 12k ribbon carbon lay up (locking in the rocker), Innegra, S glass and selected epoxy resin. This creates a stiffer, highly tuned responsive board. Hand polished to perfection with a special Teflon™-like finish, providing a super fast bottom surface, that stays fast as it stays clean. The result is a seemingly impossible strength to weight ratio, with up to .5 kg weight saving for unparalleled performance, and an incredibly strong board.

Slalom Board Price

$2795 Tech construction

Supplied with premium footstraps + your choice of CA colour finishes. +$150 for SL112 and bigger.

$3295 Pro construction

Supplied with premium footstraps + your choice of CA colour with Clear Carbon Deck finishes. +$150 for SL112 and bigger.

Price shown in New Zealand Dollars. Use Converter below for your country.

Freight Pricing

Example Freight for 1 board    For exact freight pricing please enquire with order form and we'll work out the best option. Discounts apply for multiple orders. Europe $250 | USA $250
Asia $200     | Aus $100
NZ $Free

Currency Conversion

Switch Values
Actual conversion will take place at time of payment.
When is Payment made?
A minimum deposit of 50% is required to place your board order into production. The remainder to be paid before delivery.

What is the time frame for manufacturing?
Please allow 4-6 weeks for production of your board.

For more details on ordering your Carbon Art board visit our FAQ Page.

/ Your Board Order

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