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Building the ultimate board


Creating a windsurf board is an intensive process, one that requires hands on craftsmanship, thorough accuracy and dedicated attention to detail from start to finish.


Carbon Art windsurf boards are built with the highest accuracy possible and the tightest tolerances of an windsurf brand. Our boards are guaranteed to be constructed as per their design specifications. This means your board will be created exactly as designed – for absolute optimum performance.


Watch the build process in our ‘Factory Talk‘ video series below.

How do we ensure complete accuracy on every board we make?

Over 20 years of knowledge has gone into developing our unique in-house vacuum laminated construction process.

measuring accuracy of a carbon windsurf board
  • Hand-built Quality. Each Carbon Art board is hand-built in New Zealand by board builders and shapers who have been formally trained to use the Carbon Art production system.
  • Premium Materials. High grade composites and components are used throughout all our board range.
  • Accuracy Checks. Each stage of the windsurf board build process is monitored and measured for accuracy.
  • Built to Order. Every board is individually built to our strict demands. Every board we build deserves as much focused attention and craftsmanship as the next.

Laminating Technology. To ensure that the cloth-to-resin ratio is maintained at perfect levels throughout the construction process, we have developed our unique in-house vacuum laminating technology. Pressure and temperature controlled stages result in minimum resin weight with maximum matrix strength.

Tight Tolerances on Critical Dimensions. The tolerances binding design to construction are much tighter than the industry standard. For example, the Carbon Art production system allows for linear tolerances of +/- 1mm, rocker tolerances of +/- 0.5mm vertical, weight of +/- 3% (versus the industry norm of 5%).

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