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You may have noticed that we have had the site updated. There have been quite a few changes and some more planned as the developers add in the finishing touches – thank you.

So what is new?

  1. Freight discounts.
    Finally a system that works out freight discounts on the fly. Discounts are applied to the freight component for multiple orders (the savings is equal to 20% off total freight for 2 boards, and 50% off total freight for 3 or more boards). NZ freight is as always completely FREE!
  2. Add-on options.
    You can now include excellent extras and have them ship for free (with the purchase of a board), so we have created an extra area in the order process that will continue to be added to and expanded.
  3. Secure Payment options.
    We now offer 3 payment processes; manual transaction (bank deposits), credit card (visa and Master Card), and PayPal. Whatever suits you best.
  4. Sign up / Create an account / wish list.
    If you do this the site will remember where you are from and automatically show you the prices that match the country that you live in. Being a member also has the benefit of being part of the community and asking questions and giving feedback with other CA riders. Got a board your wanting to get your hands on? Add it to your wish list and it will be there ready for order just as soon as it comes round to Xmas, Birthday, or that million dollars from some nice stranger that emailed you appears in your bank account.
  5. How to Order FAQ.
    How to order and FAQ’s There is a FAQ area on the right side when you are looking at the boards, this is there to help you with the most comment questions, and we can add to them so if you have something that you think everyone wants to know ask us to add it. including : a common question “Can I make a deposit and pay the rest before delivery?” … Payment in full is preferred however we do accept deposits of 50% to place the order into production, and the remaining 50% payment before delivery – check out either with the manual or credit card option and let us know what you want to do. The Paypal process is geared up to only take a full payment.
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