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We are confident that if you are serious about quality windsurfing boards – then you will feel right at home with our boards, and this is a little help to give you the confidence to give Carbon Art boards a try.

Order the board of your choice, pay for it, try it, and then if for some reason it doesn’t meet your performance and windsurfing needs, return the board and we will give you your money back.

How the Money Back Guarantee works

  1. You order what you want.

    Ask us : If you are not 100% sure which board will suit you or the conditions that you ride in exactly, ask us, we are here to ensure you get the board that is best.

  2. Confirm your order and pay for it.
  3. When we have completed the build (allow 3-5 weeks) and the board will be freighted you (allow 3-5 days).
  4. You collect the board, and the next day the Test begins!

How the 30 Day Test works

  1. You test it.
    Take it to the beach, apply water, and have fun (take good care of it, as if it were your own board).
  2. We give you 30 days to see how you like the performance and quality.
    We believe within 30 days you should have enough time to find good conditions to give the board a reasonable test. Be sure to remember that we note day 1 as the day after you receive the board.
  3. Keep in touch.
    During the 30 day test period, email us and let us know how you are getting on, what you like about the board, (or if you are not happy with something let us know). – either way, the feedback in good – it may help us build a better product for others to enjoy.
  4. Love it. Keep it
    …or return it and get your money back. Ensure you inform us as soon as you know, and within 30 days!!

How the return works

  1. Should you not be satisfied with the board ordered, you need to tell us within 30 days.
  2. Email us and we’ll provide you a drop off point and provide you more information.

Return Conditions

  1. Boards must be returned in an as new condition, we expect you will have tested it but it won’t be damaged at all.
  2. You may only make the money back claim within 30 days, so get out there and test it.
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