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We have had a great year so far at the Midwest Speed Quest here in Worthington, Minnesota, USA.

Our Event runs from April 15th to October 15th each year. The Schedule is open during this time allowing the racer to choose the day they wish to Speed Sail. There are no fee and competitors may enter as many sessions as they wish. This has been proved to be a real popular format.

Check out the current results for Carbon Art…

For 2010, the lead was taken early by David Knight on May 1, with a Best Ten Second Run of 32.8 knots, and a Max 2 Second Speed of 33.52, while sailing on a Carbon Art SL62 Slalom Board.

On August 29, Andrew Anderson of Oakland California took the lead, with a 10 Second Speed of 35.4 knots, with a Max Speed of 37.64. Andrew was sailing an Carbon Art SL75 Slalom Board. Andrew’s Session is the fastest recorded speed for the Carbon Art SL75 Slalom Board!

Brother Adam Anderson is now in 4th Place with 10 Second Speed of 31.2 knots, and a Max Speed of 33.12 Knots, also sailing the SL75 Board.

Sixth Place is held by 15 year old Magnus Zaunmueller of Beaver Dam Wisconsin, sailing the Carbon Art SP53 Speed Board. This was his first attempt at Speed Sailing, but the SP53 really performed in the gusty winds and heavy chop. His 10 Second Speed was 27.12 knots; and his Max Speed was 29.33 knots!

The Carbon Art Slalom and Speed Boards have dominated the 2010 Midwest Speed Quest and are currently hold 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th Place.
The CA Boards have proven to be the fastest boards available for the gusty winds and heavy chop of Lake Okabena. Every Windsurfer who tried these boards had a great result and the top riders were so impressed with the SL and SP Boards.

We are proud to offer the finest Windsurfing Gear from around the World to our visiting guests.

Thank you Carbon Art for supporting the Midwest Speed Quest year after year!

Craig Bergh
Timekeeper & Organizer Midwest Speed Quest

Check out the Midwest Speed Quest Website for more

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