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More speed, less effort and more runs in real world conditions.

Speed Board Design Brief
1 – limitless top End
2 – easy to use and practically sized
3 – excellent stability and control at speed (even in moderately choppy conditions)
4 – wide operating sweet spot (less sensitive to rig tuning)
5 – automatic trim (achieves optimal trim without forcing a stance)
6 – extended wind range, upwind capability and lull glide efficienc

The outcome?
More speed, less effort and more runs in real world conditions.
The boards excel in less than ideal conditions, and ride confidently in the fastest conditions. The rail and rocker design maximizes aerodynamic stability so that a thicker profile can be used without introducing control problems. This provides plenty of buoyancy to get the board planing very early for its width. The outline, rocker and V distribution were carefully designed using custom modeling software to achieve a highly balanced trim. These design elements make the boards easier to use than “conventional” low volume speed boards, when free-riding and speedsailing in gusty conditions.
The designs are refinements of Chris Lockwoods boards, which have been proven by GPS and in competition.

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