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The national downwind slalom racing event co sponsored by Carbon Art has just been completed, running from the 3rd to the 7th of February.

The event was a great success with plenty of wind and close racing. In total there were 144 heats sailed in the open men’s, open woman’s and age group divisions.

This is what one competitor was saying after the event.
“Just recovering from the triple bourbon & cokes shots we had last night! What an event! Wind, wind and more wind! Never in my life could I have imagined that things would go as well as they did!”

The venue in Dunedin Harbour was excellent with great rigging and launching and good water conditions. Organisation was brilliant with the local yacht club doing an excellent job of running the slalom. It wouldn’t be racing without a few controversies , but most were settled over a few beers while refuelling for the next days racing.

Congratulations to Garath Wood who won the Carbon Art Slalom Board for being the first place under 30 sailor (and overall winner!). The prize was also very appropriate due to the fact that he sailed the whole event on the only slalom board that he has.

Mens Rankings;

1 Gareth Wood NZL279

2 Mike Yasak HI34

3 Clayton Dougan KZ3

Womens rankings;

1 Annie Crombie

2 Sue Bradley

3 Jude Green

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