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A slow start due to a late night DJ session. James put in a good word for New Zealand as the organisers ran through country by country introducing all and sundry. NZ was definitely the longest flight!! Also check out the photo gallery.

The formal part wrapped up with a few words from Anders and Robby Naish and then the Afro music kicked off in earnest. Later on, Carbon Arts’ Dutch Super Rider Peter decided the DJ was looking a bit light on wine so he generously delivered a glass straight to the decks and she loved it.

Not so much wind again today. The SUPs are getting a solid workout and football has become sport of the day but it’s been a great chance for team Carbon Art to talk to everyone up here, learn a bit more about windsurfing French style and explain the design philosophy behind Carbon Art’s range. Carbon Art boards are pretty distinctive so James has been talking up a storm and Vincent has been doing some serious translation. James and Paul got a good talking to from a very friendly local local who thinks we need more graphics on the slalom gear. What can we say – customers get to choose their colours and graphics and 80%+ choose simple and white. We reckon the customer is rarely wrong (though we’re not sure about this approach). Anyway we’ve promised to bring a bit more colour when we come back in 2010.

Even without wind Le Defi is an impressive event. Somewhere between a competition and a festival – stalls and music, food and products of all sorts. Many of those who have come here (between 3 and 5,000) treat this as a vacation and Gruissan puts on a great show for them.

After two late nights we decided on a quiet night. Brigid and Paul hit the local cafe for a killer salad and a nice rose. James and Vin had a quiet night in and Peter went out to the film evening and did battle with Heineken again. Vincent had a nice civilised meal at the Cranquette – a cool little restaurant with great seafood straight off the beach. Windsurfing events are tough!!! Day Three starts soon and everyone has high hopes for a breeze.

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