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A slow start today. In spite of an early start the boys are still wrecked from the day before and the villa was creaking even before Paul put the coffee pot on. Our view from the window looks over the beach and we can see a few hardy souls already on the water at 0800. By 0850 Anton, Paula and james have downed the cereal, grabbed all the gear and are heading to the beach…

First drag all the boards out of the cabin to put them on display then another briefing. Today the key message is – be careful. Peaking at 45 knots this is not for the faint hearted and the word goes out this is really only for experts. Even the support helicopter is having a tough time today. Poor Vincent gets himself dragged in by one of the support boats after having some gear issues in the first race. The second race still has the numbers even with winds of over 53 knots!! The course is set up in front of the main event area which makes for some great spectator activity. Anton looks pretty bedraggled when he gets in.

James is chuffed as all the gear is sold bar one board. Taking 20 boards to Europe is hard enough let alone having to bring them back. The Europeans are stoked we’ve come up – people love seeing something a bit different. The cookies we brought up are going down an absolute treat as well.

A quick shower and out for dinner and fun and frivolity. James tries the Get27 which is a spearmint local digestif. I think like marmite its an acquired taste. The town puts on an amazing aftermatch function here. Bands, DJs and events to keep all and sundry very happy. The line up Saturday night sees a rock band starting followed by a series of DJs. The crowds are a bit thinner than last year for the simple reason that its bloody cold!! But that doesn’t stop the dancing and nonsense being talked. All in bed at around 1pm in fear and anticipation of tomorrow’s sailing

Another great day at Defi Wind.

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