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After a long awaited wind drought, two Carbon Art customers get their first rides on new SP40’s and go straight to the top of the GPS rankings for the month.

Shelby Reilly, Adrien Bonomi listed 40.4 knots and 40 knots respectively.
They were then pipped at the post by Craig Spottiswood on his SP44 to listing 42.6 knots to round out the best three speeds of the month.
See http://www.gps-speedsurfing.com for more details

This is what the riders had to say about the runs

Adrian Bonomi, Riding a Carbon Art SP 40
This was my first session at Sandy Point on completely new equipment and I’m stoked. I’ve been dabbling with speed on my fast slalom board and I haven’t done any serious speed sailing in 10 years so there’s room for improvement, once I get more used to the equipment! The SP40 is a true speed board. Cuts through the chop like it’s butter and combined with the KA Lockwood fin is rock solid. The 4.4 Koncept stayed in control and delivered tons of power. Craig Spotti and I sailed through one gust that turned the water white and sand blinded me for the last hairy 200m of the run on angry 20cm chop, probably 35knots of wind and 130 degrees angle. I think that was Spotti’s 45knot peak run. Overall a fun day’s sailing with a small PIT crew, even though the wind was gusty and a little too south for long speed runs. I have the bug now! Now to analyse the tracks on software…

Shelby Reilly, Riding a Carbon Art SP 40
A bit too much South in the wind most of the time making for a course that was tight to the wind. Regular squalls coming through mostly with rain or hail and the occasional one going a bit broader and making for some good speed. First day out on the Carbon Art SP40 with KA 20 assy fin and when I found the odd sweet spot at speed it went into scary acceleration, so I am hanging for another couple of sessions on her to work out how to consistently dial her in. Craig Spottiswood, riding a Carbon Art SP 44 My fastest run of the day felt the slowest, it was in the bigger 35′ squall with rain, hail & sand belting me hard in the right eye. I had to close it and couldn’t see much further than 40-50ft with left eye, it felt too sketchy with my vision/balance impaired so sheeted out a little and went survival mode, all was feeling neutral and slow. Pulled up and had a 45.6 peak and 44.4 10sec Freaky!!! Adrian who went moments earlier in the squall noted a similar experience, felt slow yet fast. We were literally sucked along without having to fight or lean back into it. Looking at the track log I was still accelerating when I went to slow down thinking that it was a poor run, arrghh!

Note: Since this news article was written there has been a shuffle in the top 5 for this month, leaving CA Speed riders sitting on 1st,2nd,4th and 5th

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