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Carbon Art has recently signed up Chris Lockwood, from Perth, WA to represent our Slalom line of performance boards in Australia.

Chris is well known to those involved in GPS Speedsurfing, and is currently sitting at Number 3 in the world for 2005 with a top average speed of 42.6 knots. He recently defended the Australian speed title at Sandy Pt using a Carbon Art slalom board. Earlier this year, Chris produced some fast times on the canal at St Maries de la Mer for the Masters of Speed, putting him in 3rd overall for 2005, behind Finian Maynard and Bjorn Dunkerbeck on the official 500m ranking, with a speed of 42.9 knots.

“We have been spending a lot of time working with Phil McGain on our slalom boards and are really stoked with the outcome. The feedback we’re getting from around the world is firstly, that these boards are awesome at providing rock solid control at speed and secondly, that their top speed is consistently 0.5-1 knots faster than any other production boards they were tested against. Chris is really passionate about his sailing and getting him on the team to provide us with feedback from the top end of the envelope will only strengthen the boards”
– said James Dinnis, founder of Carbon Art International.

Chris’ recent first experience on his Carbon Art boards suggest we may be seeing him moving further up the table soon;
“I’m really happy to be involved with Carbon Art. All involved are pushing hard to make the best boards possible, in both performance and durability. The finish is second to none, as is the wind range and turning stability. I’m really confident with these boards under my feet, so am keen to do some more events next year! After building my own boards for several years in search of better performance, I’m finally able to ride production boards that I don’t have to mess with!”

Chris’s next challenge is to go faster! Keep an eye out for him on the water.

If anyone is interested in trying the latest CA Slalom model they should contact Matt Langer at gemmal@iinet.net.au

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