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Carbon Art teamrider Chris Lockwood has hit the top of the GPS-speedsurfing ladder!

On Tuesday the 16th of October, Lockwood achieved a 5×10 second average speed of 47.2 knots, passing the previous top time of 46.6kts set by Finian Maynard on his first World Record session of 2004. “After last week, and last year’s epic 46kt session, I didn’t think I’d get another chance so soon! I re-booked my flight home to take a chance with the wind, and it paid off. The conditions were very broad, so the SP44 excelled, enabling us to fire off well down the bank into relatively heavy chop and get good averages. On one of my last runs, I got totally airborne at over 47kts as I hit a 30cm high tidal standing wave. Everything behaved perfectly as I landed and slowed down. I lent Craig Spottiswood my SP50 and he immediately started to pull PBs. Andrew McDougal then lent him a SP44 and Craig went even faster! It was good to see a bunch of the Carbon Art speed boards there that day. Looking forward to my next mission there for the KA Speed Challenge, starting Nov 5” The Carbon Art SP44 was the weapon of choice, also being used by Craig Spottiswood to set the 8th fastest ever GPS time, peaking over 46kts, with an average of 44.22kts on the 5 x 10 second ranking and a 44.3kt 500m run. Craig also managed the fastest ever SP50 speed, with a peak of 45.8 knots, and a 250m speed of 45.0kts, demonstrating the incredible versatility of this board. Footage of Chris and Craig. This video is from Craig’s helmet cam. The run was just over 42kts/500m. See also Chris Lockwood GPS Speedsailing.com and Craig Spottiswood GPS Speedsailing.com

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