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After the successful release of the Carbon Art SL62 ISAF approved Slalom model in 2005 we have now registered the entire slalom range including the hot-off-the-shelf A,245cm X 80cm X 124l light wind machine.

This now gives Carbon Art the most current and comprehensive ISAF production Slalom range available anywhere in the world today.

James Dinnis, Carbon Art’s founder explained some of the thinking behind the move: “We’ve been treading lightly over the last twelve months, working with Phil to get what is undoubtedly a winning board.

We’ve also been working to get our distribution right – if you’re in Germany buying a board from New Zealand you need to have confidence the board will get there on time and that there won’t be any problems.

All six production boards have gone through a rigorous R&D programme with Phil McGain and are built with a combination of CNC precision and hand built care in New Zealand. The outcome is speed – as much as you can get, maximum control and optimum gibing ability.

As of the 25th february anyone wishing to compete in the Euro cup or any other international event governed by IFCA (International Funboard Class Association) can compete on Carbon Art Slalom boards, knowing they have the best under their feet. If winning is important these boards will take you there,” explained James.

Windsurfers wishing to learn more about Carbon Art’s range should visit the Boards section of the website, or email James directly: james@carbobart.co.nz.

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