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I had almost given up on the so called wind here, its been diabolical! I have given the sp50 a test run and got some good pics – I was hoping for something a bit more special to show for the efforts, but as said its dead at the mo!

I must say I’m very impressed with the sp50, i took it out when others where on 115ltr+ boards 7.5-8.5m sails i plugged the LW/McD 23 fin in and sailed away? surprised a few on the beach as well as myself!!

Couldn’t believe how easy it was to sail, in fact i was on it for 7 hrs, the extra volume at the nose made the board feel as easy to sail as my 106ltr.

Anyone out there dubious about buying a speed board … SHOULDN’T BE!

I’m no pro by a long way but it really is so easy, i don’t know why they’re (the speed boards) billed as so technical?? Gybing was like a hot knife through butter … why do people say there for straight lines only … check the pics they don’t lie!!!

If the forecast stays as-is there looks like there may be some wind this weekend so I’m going to put some posts up for anyone wanting to demo either boards at Weymouth, UK this Sat 4th July /Sun 5th July.

Cheers Alex

To contact Alex simply email : uk@carbonartwindsurf.com : and we’ll ensure he gets it.

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