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It’s now 6 years since Carbon Art and Phil McGain joined forces to develop a race winning slalom range. With 2012 just around the corner we are proud to release the highly anticipated 7th generation ultimate performance board.

Comprising eight refined models, this year sees the range split into 3 groups: light, medium and high wind.

High Wind
Three models 53/55/58 cm wide x 245 long. Designed and tested to to take it to the limits from 18 kts and up. These are Phil’s bread and butter while racing on Maui, designed around maximum control and superior ease of use to allow the best possible combination of acceleration, top end speed and gybing.
Medium Wind
Three models 62/66/72 cm wide x 245 long. These three shapes will get you flying around the course in pole position or get the most out of those classic sailing days in wind strengths from 12-25 kts. Seriously fast, while retaining Carbon Art’s trademark ‘easy to sail’ control.
Light Wind

Two models 78/84 cm wide x 240 long. For those super light race days when you need to get up and going early and make the most out of your top end potential. These boards fly on the lightest of breezes but still get around the corners with ease. Perfect in the 8-20 kt wind range with sails up to 10m2.

Take your boards with you.

New for 2012 is the introduction of QR Code badges on your board. With a quick scan using a smart phone, additional information specific to your board is displayed. Now you can carry your quiver in your pocket wherever you go.

Online now.

The new 2012 range is online now and available to order, head on over to the Slalom Page to check out the specs and design your board.

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