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One of our main projects over the last six months has been researching, testing and developing our new wave boards to establish what we could improve. The most complex part has been finding the right weather conditions; the season to date has been well below average here in Taranaki, New Zealand – where most of our R&D is carried out. Luckily we have had a few really good down the line days since Christmas, we have recently completed tweaking our 2010 prototypes and have now confirmed the new production shapes – which are being built as we speak.

Based on customer feedback, we have been focusing on all aspects of wave sailing performance – early planing, speed. Initiation, drive, and completion of turns. In a nutshell we wanted a faster, smoother and more responsive ride, we therefore broke-down all the aspects of wave sailing and looked at what we needed to do to get this from all three ranges. As well as the refinements in shape, we have improved construction methods and having sourced and tested new materials we are able to safely offer a 2-year guarantee.

We believe that you will be more than happy with our design improvements and development results along with the freedom of choice we offer this year.
Full specs and images will be available in the next two weeks – in the mean time here is sequence of the WV54 prototype going through its paces at Pungarehu on “Classic Monday”

Pictures by Vienna Doenni

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