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The 2008 models are the third generation of the Phil McGain and Carbon Art development.

You will you will find these unique shapes to be highly refined racing tools ready to take you to the next level. Every aspect of these boards, from inside out has been refined and tested, some changes have been minimal but very effective. An example of this is the 3mm tail width reduction on the 58. This has allowed us to re draw the curve around the front foot, allowing you to keep the hammer on even harder through chop and giving you more grip in the gybes. Carbon Art ensure all designs are smooth and flowing, making small changes such as this, help give it that effortless feel on the water. The main changes are increased length on the 52 to 62 models, with a new lower rocker and vee pattern to match. This gives us an even lower angle of attack with a smoother ride, increased top end and higher average speeds.

Some of the additional small refinements are-

Narrower tail and straighter outline curve between your feet resulting in more control, with faster and improved gybing.

  • Reduced rail volume for better gybing.
  • Refined foot strap position allowing even more weighting.
  • Higher modulus carbon resulting in stronger and lighter boards.
  • A moulded carbon fin box giving better fin performance.
  • The new foot straps are more comfortable resulting in less fatigue

So far all results coming in have been exceptional, and Phil McGain has dominated the recent Kanaha slalom series on his 08 models. The customer base is growing by the week, so hurry and get in fast.

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