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You Think You Know Fast? Try Carbon Art’s New Speed Board Range – Out Now

Are you ready to smash through your personal speed barrier? Make a statement at your local spot? Go so flat-out fast that people watching think their vision is going blurry? Carbon Art’s new range of speed boards is out now and they are turning heads so quick they’re causing whiplash!

The all new sizes and shapes have made the board that first broke the 50 knots barrier even faster, and the new designs are perfect for the small rolling chop found in real world speed locations. Each of the four sizes (38 – 50 cm wide/49 – 67 litres) has a smooth low entry rocker for minimal drag, faster acceleration and higher top end speed. The continuous rocker and vee reduce towards the tail, giving a sweet auto-trim effect, enabling the rider to achieve maximum control and give 100% focus to hitting the highest possible speeds, over the greatest distance. The recessed deck profile also lowers the centre-of-effort of the rig, giving better performance and ability to maintain the trim through the meanest gusts.

The CA speed range is being released in two parts: Vol I – the dedicated speed range – is out now, and Vol II – medium and large speed boards – is out at the end of May. The boards come with two construction options: Tech and Pro. The Pro construction uses a combination of T700 12k ribbon carbon on the deck and T700 double bias carbon on the bottom, giving the best combination of stiffness to retain the original rocker and flex to absorb the chop.

Realise the need for speed and feel the rush at your local beach with one of the Carbon Art speed board range.

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