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Carbon Art’s New R&D Schedule  – The Latest In Performance & Fun Now Available Every Six Months!

Rider testing and feedback is a vital part of the Carbon Art R&D process. New Carbon Art team riders combined with a large core base of existing Carbon Art owners provide the Carbon Art R&D team with a wealth of valuable information to use when refining the CA board shapes for the next generation of high performance and fun. To get the very best of its riders’ feedback into the development cycle the Carbon Art ‘Fantastic Four’ product range (Wave, Slalom, Speed and Freeride) is getting slotted into an all new two-year release schedule.

This means a full two years of R&D, enabling new features and changes to the standard shapes to be fully tested and proven; resulting in a truly improved end-product for all new releases. Better yet, the new release dates for each of the four styles will be staggered every six-months, meaning that Carbon Art will be unveiling brand new boards twice a year! Check it out:

Release Date

Board Range

April 2017


Oct 2017


April 2018


Oct 2018


New Speed boards are the first shapes to be seen in 2017, following on from the successful Wave range launch of late 2016. It has been 8 years since Carbon Art built the first board to break the 50-knot barrier and the official Speed board release next month will see these totally redesigned shapes ready to set new records. They will be followed in late 2017 by the new Slalom range, ready to blast out the door, just in time for the summer racing calendar.

New ideas – new gear – better performance.

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