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Carbon Art announces their commitment to support the Professional Windsurf Association. For many years Carbon Art, has actively been supporting a number of organisations, events and riders internationally and now joins the PWA with the registration of their slalom boards for use in the PWA Tour.

“The registration of Carbon Art Slalom boards with PWA, will allow slalom racers to compete on CA Boards, we are dedicated to offer the same performance across the range” – James Dinnis

Designed and tested to the world-renowned standards of Phil McGain, in the demanding waters of Maui. We offer the boards in two different build types: the Standard and the Pro model. The Pro Model Slalom board is constructed with a higher carbon content and like all our Pro Models a special Teflon™-like polished bottom – this creates a stiffer, more responsive board and a super fast base surface, together these construction and finishing details have the boards weighing the same as the standard board models, yet out performing them in the side-by-side testing.

“… the CA slalom board will lift your ease of top performance and is designed for anyone serious about having the leading edge. Not only are they the fastest boards on the water, but they’re easy to sail too.” – Phil McGain

The Carbon Art company, started officially in 1995 and sales grew through the personal recommendations of other Carbon Art riders. In 2004 Carbon Art joined forced with a business partner, Paul Winton, and that is when Carbon Art started to ramp up – during this time we have improved board performance, manufacturing precision, and increased factory productivity.

A notable unique point of reference is Carbon Art’s location in New Zealand, and that from their rural like setting, they make the boards that they design.
Many of the world’s board brands require to outsource their production after having hand and computer designed the latest shapes. When Carbon Art brought on Mike Coker, to assist with sales and marketing, he had learned that outsourcing can cause issues between specifications, economics and the manufactured end result. In some other cases choices can be made without ‘seeing’ the result until the production run reaches the water and usually the market.

“I’m excited to be working with Carbon Art, the fact that basically anyone can visit their board factory, and clearly see the detail and energy that James and his board-build crew put into each board that is made – is honest traceability.” – Mike Coker

When you need speed and precision, you need the ultimate performance board – one that really lets you concentrate on your sailing, the oncoming chop, the wind gusts, or which path to take – for a World Cup winning performance the Carbon Art slalom registered and ready to take you to the podium.

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