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On 23rd March 2005, world renowned windsurfer Phil McGain signed up with Carbon Art International

Phil brings his knowledge and experience to Carbon Art International and together they are committed to producing a range of high performance slalom boards designed and built with one thing in mind -“To Win Races.”

Phil needs no introduction, being a former PBA Racing World Champion and veteran of professional racing with a career that can be traced back 20 years. He is a master windsurfing technician, board designer, board shaper and board builder.

Phil commented from Maui- “I’ve been involved with Boards since day one of my racing career and taken it to the highest levels at World Cup regatta’s. Now I’ll be able to put this experience to good use and assist Carbon Art build the fastest boards.”

Carbon Art was set up by James Dinnis in 1995 in one of the world’s great wavesailing destinations – Taranaki, New Zealand. James’ vision was, and still is; “To produce World Cup performing boards that consistently outperform all our competitors.”

Carbon Art boards are professionally hand built in New Zealand using state-of-the-art construction techniques and highly qualified dedicated board builders.

The result is windsurfing boards with a superior strength to weight ratio that are closer to specifications than any other board brand. James Dinnis, founder and owner of Carbon Art International makes the comment; “No-one else could be better qualified to ensure Carbon Art International produces world class slalom boards than Phil McGain”.

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