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Adam Easter

Favourite Carbon Art board

Slalom SL103, SL87 and CA Speedboard on order!

Favourite conditions

Speed Sailing in autumn and winter fronts + Cross-Onshore Wavesailing + BnJ in Spring and Summer

Local spot

Slalom / GPS Speedsailing: Queens Lake, NSW, Harrington NSW
Wavesailing: Middle Rock NSW, Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie

Best or favourite move

Cranking a speed run over shallow flat water – the thrill during a speed run is intoxicating!
Big and slow backloops (yet to conquer a fwd of any type but am trying)

When did you start

On the Manning River, Taree NSW at age 14 (1986). Didn’t click with footy or cricket, but found my groove with windsurfing and surfing.

Best tips

GPS / Speed: Rig a size bigger than comfortable so you are fighting the sail up wind, but fully lit downwind. Also for GPS Speed go a small size slalom board in choppy water (rather than a speedboard) to fly over the chop, not through it.
Wavesailing: Try it, you just might make it. Once you try it once, it is not as scary the second time, so try it again.

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