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Carbon Art and The Taranaki Windsurf Club announce the 2005 New Zealand Wave Nationals

James Dinnis of Carbon Art International today announced the decision to run the 2005 Wave Nationals in Taranaki the 16th to 18th of September.

The event is a national-ranking Man-on-Man wave sailing contest run on the Taranaki coast. Seven different coastal locations will serve as the venue and the outcome will be the crowning of a New Zealand wave champion.

“It’s 5 years since NZ had a national wave champion but with the growing popularity of wavesailing in NZ, partly due to the successful Taranaki Wave Classic as well Carbon Art’s promotion of the sport the time has come to revisit this format of competition.” explains James Dinnis.

The ’05 Nationals will the the defining event for wavesailing in New Zealand this year. Those interested in participating should contact James directly.

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